Texas Developments


West Campus Is The Envy of Austin’s New Urbanists – shows high rises planned for this university area.  (article dated 2/24/17; I’m posting 3/21/18)  Here is the site of the first one, under construction, which looks to be magnificent.  Look at the charming old Southern home across the street, which is about to be tremendously overshadowed.  This area, overall, seems to be quite disjointed.

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Tue 1/31/17

Durham, N.H.–Lots of new development in or near downtown the past few years.  Starting on Main St., let’s see what goes up at this fenced-off site, where an old house used to stand.  Here’s a nice new addition to downtown, which the building coming right up to the curb.  Just a bit up on the other side of the street is the new development, which used to be a side yard to the historic house next door.  Rounding the corner onto Madbury Rd., you can see the main part of this new development.  Continuing down Madbury Rd. is this big new mixed-use building, which includes a restaurant with some outdoor seating.  A bit further along the road is Madbury Commons, a large (supposedly 1,000 bedroom) complex that apparently is being rented mostly by students (go figure).  The website gives an aerial tour.  Reversing direction and heading up Pettee Brook Ln. brings us to this modern new residential building, which also includes a Papa John’s.  Crossing Main St., and heading into “Quad Way”, I wonder what is being built here, seemingly connecting the MUB with Holloway Commons (formerly Huddleston dining hall).  Actually, it looks like that’s been there, just some renovations being done.

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Mon 1/2/17

Longmont, Colo.–I search the web for a new urbanist village in Colorado and came up with Prospect New Town, located on the site of a former tree farm.  Its slogan is, “Where rural country meets urban downtown.”  This appears to be the main entrance, although no real sign.  The village center is mostly modern architecture.  Here is the rather nondescript town square.  Continuing to head up the main road, Tenacity Dr., is a wide duplex on a tree-lined street with vines growing up the center.  The alleys are basically an extension of the sidewalks.  Here is an old-style commercial building on 100-Year Party Ct.  (And, yes, the village has some interesting street names.  See the alleyway Tempted Ways Dr.)  A bit further up Tenacity Dr. are these old-style (southern?) homes, one with a tree fort out front.  Across the street is a more traditional town green.  Here is a view without leaves on the trees, looking toward the other side of the town green.  Heading out a side exit to the village is a regular suburban neighborhood.  The residents there get the benefit of having a delightful walking area right nearby.  Here is a view of the mountains to the west.  The southern section of the village has modern-style houses.  Here is a playground in one of the village greens.

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N.H. Developments

State 10-year highway plan–2017 – 2026–dated 5/18/16–Everett Turnpike widening planned for 2022 – 24.

Route 16 Corridor Safety Study–dated June 2015–see p.18 for proposed double-pronged roundabout in Conway

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North Carolina Developments

Charlotte area

The Towers at Mattie Rose will feature a woonerf, a European-style shared street concept. This is a small development just outside downtown featuring interesting designs.  (I located the article 12/16/16, but it’s dated 4/15/16).  Here is the location of the future development.

The same company (building the above development), Grandfather Homes, builds homes of “duets” and “triets”, basically duplexes and triplexes that actually blend in as one big home.  See this example in Charlotte.  Check out their website for the outdoor covered patio with a fireplace at this house.


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Tue 12/13/16

Merrifield, Va.–The StreetView of Avenir Pl. has finally posted, stamp date being October 2016.  Low-rise retail buildings from the massive parking garage on this side, opposite 6-story (mostly) residential buildings with a Harris Teeter store on the ground level.  A couple streets down is Halstead Square Rd., also a new addition to StreetView.  Nice modern buildings on a narrow street.  Here is the link to Halstead Square’s website.  The complex even has bowling lanes and a pet spa.

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Fri 11/25/16

Melrose, Mass.–Info about a new senior living facility, The Residence at Melrose Station.  Here is the site on StreetView as of 2012, a one-story business.  This is a drawing of the facility (from the article):

The Residence at Melrose Station - Melrose, MA

Heading east on Essex St., there is a Shaw’s which fronts the road.  This is one block away from a delightful Main St.  I headed south, then west on W. Foster St., to this nice condominium building.

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