Mon 2/20/12

Detroit, Mich.–E. Vernor Hwy (from St. Aubin St.) to E. Grand Blvd. to and around Belle Isle.

New York, N.Y.–around the block of St. Francis Xavier Church (W 15th St. – W 16th St.)  See Ann Barnhardt’s story about the new cardinal and the groups of this church.


On Cardinal Dolan (And It Ain’t Good)
Posted by Ann Barnhardt – February 18, AD 2012 10:01 PM MST
The Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan, was made a Cardinal today. Dolan embodies the sleazy, politicking, used-car-salesman wing of the episcopacy. I trust the guy about as far as I can throw him – by his HAIR. I fully expect him to cave to Obama, and to do it fairly quickly.You may be wondering how I could possibly have come to such a strong conclusion. Well, as with most things I write about, I have objective evidence. Sickening, disgusting, nauseating objective evidence. Let’s take a look at Dolan at the reconsecration of St. Francis Xavier church in New York City after a huge refurbishment project in June of 2010. What an architecturally beautiful church.

Sadly, this parish in Manhattan has been invaded and taken over by homosexualist heretics, led by a cabal of homosexual Jesuit priests. The Mass has been profaned unspeakably, and satanic lies ratifying and encouraging sodomy and homosexuality are projectile vomited from the pulpit constantly. So, just to make certain that we are clear, Jesus hangs crucified, dying for these people’s sins so that if they repent, they can be forgiven at every Mass, as the Holy Spirit bends the fabric of spacetime in order to make the present moment intersect and touch the moment of Calvary on the altar. Meanwhile, the priests are telling the people that homosexuality is great and thus encouraging them to sin, thereby adding to Christ’s agony. Additionally, these evil, demonic priests are convincing these people that they have no sin to confess, thus near-guaranteeing that the parishioners are receiving the Eucharist in a state of grave mortal sin, exponentially increasing the risk that these people will die in a state of mortal sin, and thus being lost forever to hell.

This is serious, serious business. HELL ISN’T AN ABSTRACTION. IT IS REAL, AND IF YOU GO THERE, YOU ARE THERE FOR ALL ETERNITY. Those people matter. They aren’t political pawns or objects to serve the egos of their priests and archbishop. They are human beings and they deserve to be loved and told the truth – not lied to and used.

Does Dolan do anything about any of this? Nope. Not a damn thing. He sits and watches as some barefooted lesbian wannabe-witch-priestess does a pagan dance on the altar with a bowl of incense at the 1:25 mark. Uh, excuse me, but that’s sacrilege. It’s blasphemy. Dolan needs to tell that woman to sit down and repent of her sins – starting with her acts of sodomy with other females. But NOOOOOO. Dolan can’t do that, because then he might not be popular and the people might not cheer for him. Oh, heaven forbid.

The worst part comes at the 5:30 mark. Look at Dolan, faux-ponderously chewing on his eyeglasses while someone off camera GLORIFIES homosexuality, and then everyone cheers. It’s sick. It’s just sick. What the hell, Dolan? How are you going to explain this to Our Lord? You CHEERED sodomy. You told thousands of people that SODOMY was a-okay. During a Mass. You put your foot in the smalls of these people’s backs and literally shoved them further into hell. And you have the nerve to call yourself a SHEPHERD?

Dolan should have immediately removed and suspended those priests, brought in priests who actually believed in what the Church teaches and would tell the congregants of that parish that sodomy and all homosexuality is gravely, gravely sinful, and that confession, penance, and CHASTITY was the one and only path to salvation. Period. You cannot get to the truth by telling lies. You cannot get to the light by running at a dead sprint into the darkness.

This is why I have no confidence in Dolan as head of the USCCB. He doesn’t believe in what the Church teaches, and the video above is objective proof of that. He is a politicking sleaze who will say anything and do anything in order to be loved and esteemed in the eyes of the world. Dolan is the kind of guy who gets off on being invited to meetings with powerful Washington D.C. players, and being cheered and given standing ovations. It makes him feel good about himself. He’ll never call Obama out or tell Obama to go to hell, because then he might not get invited to the next cocktail reception or Georgetown soiree, or worst of all, not get any more invites to the Oval Office. Dolan will kiss Obama’s ass, will capitulate to Obama’s satanic evil, and then thank Obama after Obama has spit in the face of Christ and His Church – just so long as Dolan’s ego and social calendar don’t suffer.

This is why I fear that there will be a quiet schism in the Church, and that it will happen soon. Dolan and his politicking bovine excrement is going to lead the Church in the United States off the edge of the cliff in the name of “compromise” and “tolerant dialog”, and in doing so will render the Church no longer in union with the Chair of Peter, and thus no longer Catholic. Once that apostolic break is made, the churches that go with Dolan will no longer have valid Masses and the Eucharist will not be present in those churches. At that point, there will literally only be a few hundred valid Masses celebrated in the entire United States per week. Many people will be many, many hours drive away from the closest Mass. Satan will run wild in the land.

Might I suggest a prayer?

Dear God,
Please, please, please let Ann Barnhardt be totally and completely wrong and make her eat crow by the bucketful every day for the rest of her life.



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