Tue 5/22/12

outside Concord, N.C.–Windy Ridge, a neighborhood more typical of southern N.H. with large lots and plenty of trees.  I like this street’s name:  Hornets Nest Ct.  (A customer lives here; they have a Concord address).

Davidson, N.C.–The Woodlands at Davidson (3 miles outside the center), this neighborhood is mostly unbuilt; I like this house.  These TND houses have a “covered lawn” between the houses and garages.

Heading east on Davidson-Concord Rd., here is a corn field in August (’08) that has already been turned over.  (Further down though is a corn field that is still standing.)  Here’s a “Confederate” fence holding in horses.

Summers Walk–I like this TND (still under construction).  Here you have single-family on one side of the street and townhomes on the other.  Here is the pool/clubhouse.

Charlotte, N.C.–The neighborhoods of Windy Ridge and Peachtree Hills apparently went to pot in 2008.  (Streetview hasn’t gone down either neighborhood.)

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