Sat 5/26/12

Huntersville, N.C.–heading west over I-77 on Sam Furr Rd., an industrial park Northpointe Park, home to Rubbermaid headquarters.  Off of this park are two residential neighborhoods:  The Landing (ho-hum apartments) and Stratford Forest, a conventional wooded ’90s subdivision, which is actually in Cornelius.  Here’s an impressive evergreen screen.

Birkdale Village–New Urbanist village–Here is the main entrance.  Cool!, 4-story buildings!  I love this common area with a monument!  A couple of sidewalk diners here.  Another common area, this one with fountains!  Some single-family homes here.

Monteith Park–TND–not on StreetView, but someone posted a video of the n’hood on YouTube.  I like it a lot.

See the town’s vision for downtown in 2030!  There will be 3 light rail stops in Huntersville:  Bryton, Downtown, and Sam Furr.  Here’s the fairly new town hall.  A little ways away is the new police station, built in the same style.

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