Tue 5/29/12

Huntersville, N.C.–Rosedale Shopping Center:  Here’s one entrance.  Nearby is a coffee house with outdoor seating.  Here’s a common called Ansonborough SquareHere we have apartment buildings across from one-story office buildings.  Here’s the main entrance.  Here’s a Harris Teeter store, open 24 hours.  There is still plenty of parking (this lot is across from a store called Bi-Lo).  Some townhomes.  Not my favorite new urbanist development, but still better than what we have been building as far as shopping centers.

Here is Torrence Village right across the street (Gilead Rd.) from Rosedale.  It looks interesting, but still appears to be a somewhat normal plaza.

Connected to the Rosedale Shopping Center are the Villages at Rosedale.  I’m not sure if this is what the whole development is named.  Here’s near the main entrance to this village (single family homes with normal front-facing garages on this end).  Eww, look at this alley.  This front stretch of townhomes isn’t so bad, although I’m not sure why these townhomes have long, skinny front yards (in addition to the backyards).

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