Wed 6/6/12

Charlotte, N.C.–superneighborhood Highland Creek–4400 homes, approx. 13,000 residents (including part in Concord)–lots of post & rail fences in this part of the ‘hood (Cambridge Bay Dr.), here’s one with plantings.  Here’s a gravel path between two hydrangeas.  Pond with a water fountainHeads up! (golfing net behind these homes).  Heading across the parkway over to Meadowmont View Dr., this part of the ‘hood has condos built TND-style.   Here’s a wall/fence along the road.  Here’s an alley (pretty nice).

Mallard Creek/Withrow Downs neighborhood–Carolina Lily area–townhome-style apartments; here are larger buildings being constructed (as of Aug. ’08).  Continuing across Odell School Rd. are these garden-style apartments (which are in Concord).  This leads up to the Concord Mills Mall.

In same neighborhood is the subdivision Mallard Woods, smaller homes, conventional neighborhood.  The next development over is Homewood Acres, which features a mix of smaller, older homes and newer, larger homes, all on large wooded lots:  Grace Ln., an older street, has an interesting church at the end.  Around the bend, this house is boarded up.  On the next street, Breezewood Dr., there is a big house being built.  It looks like a few houses might have to come down to make way for I-485.  These people (at the start of Breezewood) are security-minded.

Further down Prosperity Church Rd., here is Prosperity Creek senior apartment complex.  An interesting big multi-colored building.  The back end of the large building, with a gazebo in the middle.

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