Thu 6/28/12

Bailey’s Crossroads, Va.–new high-rise construction, Goodwin House, which is elderly housing on S. Jefferson St.  Numerous tall buildings in Bailey’s Crossroads as they originally thought they’d be getting Metro.  Some kind of defense building at 5600 Columbia Pike.  Signs referencing this census-designated place.  Some seemingly new white-picket fence residential development right on the main drag.  (Here’s the back view of these homes.)  There’s no sidewalk, but rather a desire path here.  Large area of townhomes, Madison Place, going for the $400’s; blurb about it from WaPo in 2000:

In a splashy home builders’ brochure on “smart growth,” Gary Garczynski calls his Madison Place town houses in Baileys Crossroads “a classic example of good infill–it’s close-in, it’s high-density and it takes advantage of established infrastructure.”

In fact, some longtime locals still can’t believe people would buy in the upscale development tucked between the local fire station and a gritty commercial strip on Columbia Pike east of Lake Barcroft dam. Some of the 114 town houses overlook a less-than-pastoral auto body shop and a conduit pipe yard.

But Fairfax County Supervisor Penelope A. Gross (D) said people are buying the $200,000 houses, and “the development …

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