Sat 7/7/12

outside (west of) Mooresville, N.C.–Queen’s Covebig houses and yards here; some are waterfront, but you can’t tell from the street.  I like these Victorian-style McMansionsPasture with a horse (or two) right outside this development.  Just up the road, this must be a Christmas tree farm.  Here’s an interesting gated entrance to a n’hood that obviously Streetview couldn’t go down.  Further down Camino Real Rd. we can see the lake with what appears to be a newly-built mansion.  Here’s the end of Camino Real Rd.

in & out of Mooresville–heading up Williamson Rd., west off I-77, there is an “India Cash & Carry” business.  Looking/heading over the lake.  Looking back, three crossesVinnie’s Grill & Raw Bar, right on the lakefront with their logo imprinted in the lawn.

Cornelius, N.C.–Yeah!!  Newly-posted clear views from Aug. ’11 at select commercial areas, such as The Shops at Fresh Market.  Here is the first SteinMart I’ve seen.  I’m not sure why Streetview went up and down every aisle in the parking lot, as well as behind the buildings, when there are plenty of other areas nearby they could have gone down.

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