Wed 3/9/16

Frisco, Tex.–A new Drury Inn & Suites, with a rooftop pool, is being built in this fast-growing affluent city north of Dallas.  Frisco has grown from about 6,000 residents in 1990 to 150,000 today, and has 62 square miles of land.  The hotel is being built in a neighborhood which has much commercial construction ongoing, immediately east of Dallas North Tollway, south of Gaylord Parkway, near Dr. Pepper Arena and Dr. Pepper Ballpark.

Regarding the ballpark, from Wikipedia:

Since its opening in 2003, the Dr Pepper Ballpark has won awards and garnered praise for its unique design, feel, and numerous facilities. In his design, park architect David M. Schwarz desired the creation of a village-like “park within a (ball) park”.[8] Dr Pepper Ballpark received the 2003 Texas Construction award for Best Architectural Design[9] and was named the best new ballpark in the country by

Here is an interestingly designed apartment building nearby just north of Gaylord Parkway.  Nice layout with the bridge and stream leading up to the place.

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