Mon 4/11/16

Fayetteville, Ark.–Looking for an interesting development (Ruskin Heights) that apparently never got built.  (Here is something of an update as of 2014.)  I checked out some hillside streets, such as N. Sherwood Ln., which is rather affluent and reminds me of hilly areas of New Boston.  Nearby (apparently on the other side of a hill), is N. Rosewood Dr., which is similar.  These folks, on Emerald Ave., have an even better view.

Here’s a brief description of Fayetteville from the linked article:

And, lest anyone take Davis, Hooker and Van Veen for the “rednecks” they good humoredly dubbed themselves during a conference call, the troika points out that Fayetteville is a far more sophisticated market than people realize.

People come from all over the country to the University of Arkansas or as vendors to Wal-Mart,” Davis says. “Bentonville (home to Wal-Mart) is a chain restaurant mecca, so the people who move here miss their walkable neighborhoods. They end up living in Fayetteville for its urban feel. The historic district, one of the densest areas of Fayetteville, is the most pricey, the most treasured part.”

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