Fri 5/20/16

McLean, Va.–Went through downtown McLean, which comprises what Fairfax County has labelled a Commercial Revitalization District (CRD).  The back side of the town’s grocery store (Giant) doesn’t look like it belongs in the richest zip code (or thereabouts) of the region, especially considering it’s right across from a nice new brick hotel, Staywood Suites.  On Laughlin Ave. (actually fronting Emerson Ave.), is The Palladium at McLean, a lovely new condo building with underground (or at least first floor) parking.  Note the water sculpture out front.  Heading further down Laughlin is this beautiful newish brick house with good landscaping.  It’s right across from what appears to be a very buggy Bryn Mawr Park.  Back on Chain Bridge Rd. is this nice brick commercial building which appears to be historic.  Per the marker out front, it was actually built in 1989, but there is a story behind it.  Also note the underground parking at the back of the building.  The downtown area has plenty of little strip malls, considering how upscale it’s supposed to be.  Maybe one day it will actualize its revitalization (story from 2012).  This building appears pretty outdated (maybe from the ’50s?).  Quite a hodgepodge of different styles.

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