Thu 6/2/16

Munster, Ind.–Here is 8232 Greenwood Ave., the Hyles home, per Linda Hyles Murphrey, who lived there from 1959 to 1983.

A transit-oriented development called Centennial Village is planned just to the north of Centennial Park, on the former site of Munster Steel.  See footbridge over the pond.  A little further south is a medical office park with a rotary containing a big water spout.  Here’s a sample of newer upscale housing a little to the west (Paddington Crescent is the street.)  Notice a little water body in back.  It appears there are some man-made water bodies in the area.  Here is the long view of this man-made pond, which has a fountain.  I like this contemporary white brick home on the other side of the pond.  This is another such water body with a fountain on Exeter Rd.  Wow, so many people want their home blocked from view.  Streetview completely jumps on New Devon St. between Exeter Rd. and Carnaby Pl.  (Bummer, Bing hasn’t gone down this neighborhood yet.)  Another neighborhood a bit to the south, this fence, which straddles the Illinois state line, encloses the Lansing Municipal Airport.

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