Mon 1/2/17

Longmont, Colo.–I search the web for a new urbanist village in Colorado and came up with Prospect New Town, located on the site of a former tree farm.  Its slogan is, “Where rural country meets urban downtown.”  This appears to be the main entrance, although no real sign.  The village center is mostly modern architecture.  Here is the rather nondescript town square.  Continuing to head up the main road, Tenacity Dr., is a wide duplex on a tree-lined street with vines growing up the center.  The alleys are basically an extension of the sidewalks.  Here is an old-style commercial building on 100-Year Party Ct.  (And, yes, the village has some interesting street names.  See the alleyway Tempted Ways Dr.)  A bit further up Tenacity Dr. are these old-style (southern?) homes, one with a tree fort out front.  Across the street is a more traditional town green.  Here is a view without leaves on the trees, looking toward the other side of the town green.  Heading out a side exit to the village is a regular suburban neighborhood.  The residents there get the benefit of having a delightful walking area right nearby.  Here is a view of the mountains to the west.  The southern section of the village has modern-style houses.  Here is a playground in one of the village greens.

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