Tue 1/31/17

Durham, N.H.–Lots of new development in or near downtown the past few years.  Starting on Main St., let’s see what goes up at this fenced-off site, where an old house used to stand.  Here’s a nice new addition to downtown, which the building coming right up to the curb.  Just a bit up on the other side of the street is the new development, which used to be a side yard to the historic house next door.  Rounding the corner onto Madbury Rd., you can see the main part of this new development.  Continuing down Madbury Rd. is this big new mixed-use building, which includes a restaurant with some outdoor seating.  A bit further along the road is Madbury Commons, a large (supposedly 1,000 bedroom) complex that apparently is being rented mostly by students (go figure).  The website gives an aerial tour.  Reversing direction and heading up Pettee Brook Ln. brings us to this modern new residential building, which also includes a Papa John’s.  Crossing Main St., and heading into “Quad Way”, I wonder what is being built here, seemingly connecting the MUB with Holloway Commons (formerly Huddleston dining hall).  Actually, it looks like that’s been there, just some renovations being done.

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