Colorado Developments

Sterling Ranch–a new master-planned (garden) community under development about 30 miles southwest of Denver.  Article about it in Planetizen dated 6/26/16 (with an emphasis on diversity).

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Tue 6/21/16

Boston, Mass.–Fenway’s first skyscraper, at 30 stories tall, will be Pierce Boston.  It’s being constructed on the corner of Boylston St. and Brookline Ave.  It has tiny rooftop cabanas being sold for over $300,000 each.  The condos themselves are starting at $1,000,000.  I followed Boylston all the way to the Boston Marathon finish line in front of the Boston Public Library.

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Maryland Developments

College Park–new transit-oriented development at Metro just approved as of June 2016.

White Flint–GGW post (with pictures) on the Pike + Rose development, which is attempting to make their architecture ornamental.

White Oak–GGW post (7/27/17) about a new town center (comprised of four neighborhoods) that may take place in this suburban area of Silver Spring.  White Oak was a booming suburb 50 years ago, which inspired the sitcom “The Wonder Years”.  Here is the area in question, with the East Side village being just south of Target.

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Thu 6/2/16

Munster, Ind.–Here is 8232 Greenwood Ave., the Hyles home, per Linda Hyles Murphrey, who lived there from 1959 to 1983.

A transit-oriented development called Centennial Village is planned just to the north of Centennial Park, on the former site of Munster Steel.  See footbridge over the pond.  A little further south is a medical office park with a rotary containing a big water spout.  Here’s a sample of newer upscale housing a little to the west (Paddington Crescent is the street.)  Notice a little water body in back.  It appears there are some man-made water bodies in the area.  Here is the long view of this man-made pond, which has a fountain.  I like this contemporary white brick home on the other side of the pond.  This is another such water body with a fountain on Exeter Rd.  Wow, so many people want their home blocked from view.  Streetview completely jumps on New Devon St. between Exeter Rd. and Carnaby Pl.  (Bummer, Bing hasn’t gone down this neighborhood yet.)  Another neighborhood a bit to the south, this fence, which straddles the Illinois state line, encloses the Lansing Municipal Airport.

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Wed 6/1/16

McLean, Va.–heading south down Old Dominion Dr. from center of town, this looks like an office building but houses retail, including a Chipotle restaurant at the front corner.  This retail building next to it has more of a western flavor.  Next to that is a modern retail plaza before the road quickly heads into the country.  A ways down, here’s a mansion along the busy country artery.

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Tue 5/31/16

McLean, Va.–A new mixed-use building, called The Signetbroke ground last week, at 6900 Fleetwood Rd. (near the center of town).  It will have 123 one-bedroom (plus den) residential units on six floors above the ground level of retail.  Here is the location, currently with a big parking lot and a smaller 4-story building.  The development is slated to be completed Fall of 2017.  This nearby 8-story building on Elm St. should feel more at home next to the new construction.

White Flint, Md.–This is the first “time stamp” I’ve seen on Streetview.  Here’s new development (under construction) “Pike and Rose“.  It’s referred to in this GGW article from 8/31/15.

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Tue 5/24/16

Streatham, London, England–Some supermarkets in London are building residential housing above their stores (link goes to article).  Here is one example, Tesco in Streatham. (Streatham is a district of 51,000 people centered 5 miles south of London’s center).  This taxicab joint (right next to the Streatham train station) is called Goooglie Cars (trying to fool people into thinking they’re associated with a certain search engine).  Just a bit beyond is where the district’s long nice-looking downtown commerical strip begins, on Streatham High Rd (a.k.a. “A23“).  In the 1950s Streatham had the longest and busiest shopping street in south London (per Wikipedia article).  Look at this marvelous old church just off the main road.  Here is the Streatham Hill train station!  Heading the opposite way from the Tesco, here is another old church right across from Streatham Common (a local nature reserve).  Heading up the gradually rising hill next to the Common is Henry Tate Mews, an exclusive swanky gated development.

Central London–The “Walkie-Talkie” skyscraper located at 20 Fenchurch St., is a post-modern behemoth that gets larger as one heads up, with a bulky top.  From an article in the Guardian:

First proposed in 2004, the design was criticised by both English Heritage and Unesco. The former declared it an “oppressive and overwhelming form” and a “brutally dominant expression of commercial floor space”; the latter threatened to add the Tower of London to the World Heritage in Danger list, because of the detrimental impact the skyscraper would have on its setting.

Here is a view of it from Botolph Lane.  This is the view from the Tower Bridge.  Here is a photosphere at night from the bridge.


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